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24th Nov 2020
People standing on map of the world

5 Tips on Leading a Remote Team

Leading remote teams is like grappling a bar of soap during bath time. Office teams, with individuals working from home has become the order of the […]
27th Oct 2020
Man playing guitar

Leadership is Not a Title

I used to play guitar around town at ‘jam’ sessions and one of the venues was at a pub in one of the ‘rougher’ areas of […]
30th Sep 2020
@ ladies balancing on a beam and helping eachother across

How Healthy Is Your Team?

Embarking on a team building exercise without a thorough team analysis is similar to a patient self-medicating before diagnosing their ailment. In many cases, an organisation’s […]
21st Aug 2020

Virtual Coaching: Understanding Different Personality Types

The workplace is a melee of interpersonal dealings where we are expected to positively influence a range of very diverse people. These may be your teammates, […]
28th Jul 2020
Team throwing hoops and doing a successful teambuilding activity

Inspiring Leaders Build Successful & Motivated Teams

“To encourage a greater sense of responsibility in others, emphasise the anticipation of accomplishment, not the penalties for failure.” – Roger Crawford At Scott’s Teambuilding Adventures […]
30th Jun 2020
People working as a team around a table

Disruption: The Best Way to Encourage Learning

It would be crazy to lose even one spark of the learning that has occurred over the last few months. Our normal working lives have been […]
26th May 2020
5 people ascending a rocky hill

Your First Priority As A New Leader…; Adopt The Correct Technique!

Let’s give Corona a break and swing back to people skills; Approach is Everything In the endeavour to bring people up to their full potential you […]
28th Apr 2020
People around a table with blindfolds on

Corona – The Game Has Changed, Have You?

The question now … “What are we going to do?” We recently published an article – “The times are a-changing, leadership lessons from Bob Dylan”. Whether […]