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20th Jun 2018
The three elements of John Adair’s action-centred leadership model

Action-Centred Leadership: A Delicate Balancing Act

In the book Action-Centered Leadership, published in 1973, John Adair first presented his model of team, goal and individual management. In the decades since then, the […]
3rd Jun 2018
team members working out a puzzle together

The business-saving benefits of conflict management

Conflict is as inevitable in business as it is in personal life and pretty much any situation in which human beings come into contact. It is […]
30th May 2018
lady smiling while creating a device

Change – People are different not difficult

Change – People are different not difficult Organisational restructuring creates uncertainty and anxiety amongst staff. No matter how well management leads the transformation process, individuals will […]
29th May 2018
team members carrying a man

How to Overcome Conflict Through Teamwork

Whether we like it or not, conflict is an unavoidable and intrinsic part of teamwork. Team members will always disagree and that will often lead to […]
5th May 2018

Are you a boss or a leader?

The old industrial models of production lines, quotas and straightforward outcomes are no longer relevant in the information and service-oriented businesses in which many of us […]
19th Apr 2018

What can Our Personal Development and Motivation Courses do for You?

A little motivation goes a long way and it’s never too late to invest in personal development. Why not invest in a refresher course to help […]
4th Apr 2018

Which Teambuilding Course Should You Choose?

You came here because you’ve already decided that it’s time to up your organisation’s game with inspiration and motivation that will shift your staff into a […]
27th Mar 2018

10 Inspirational Quotes to Get Your Team Going

It is no secret that teamwork is at the core of success in any venture. Throughout history, the world’s wisest and most successful people have all […]