3rd Aug 2022
Scott’s Teambuilding discuss self-discipline

Self Discipline – The Foundation of Success

Are you familiar with the term ‘self-discipline’? This term can have a variety of meanings that vary from person to person, but Ian Scott summarizes the […]
17th Jun 2022
Scotts Teambuilding discuss recognition leading to motivation 2

Recognition Leads to Motivation

Recognition, the tonic which keeps us going forward. Here is an inspirational short video to hear how ‘encouragement and recognition leads to motivation’. Recognition leads to […]
20th Apr 2022
Scott’s Teambuilding discuss diminishing Stress with Action

Dogs Bark at Someone They Don’t Know

Martin is a member of a renowned local band and starting out with a Fender guitar, has never deviated. To him, nothing created can ever come […]
30th Sep 2021
Feet climbing steps to reaching goals

Taking the Next Step Towards Your Goals

“The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity”- Victor Chasles The Importance of Taking the Next Step Many who enter adult life expect […]