Scott’s Teambuilding

27th Oct 2020
Man playing guitar

Leadership is Not a Title

I used to play guitar around town at ‘jam’ sessions and one of the venues was at a pub in one of the ‘rougher’ areas of […]
30th Sep 2020
@ ladies balancing on a beam and helping eachother across

How Healthy Is Your Team?

Embarking on a team building exercise without a thorough team analysis is similar to a patient self-medicating before diagnosing their ailment. In many cases, an organisation’s […]
21st Aug 2020

Virtual Coaching: Understanding Different Personality Types

The workplace is a melee of interpersonal dealings where we are expected to positively influence a range of very diverse people. These may be your teammates, […]
26th May 2020
5 people ascending a rocky hill

Your First Priority As A New Leader…; Adopt The Correct Technique!

Let’s give Corona a break and swing back to people skills; Approach is Everything In the endeavour to bring people up to their full potential you […]