Unhappy Employees? Here’s How to Make Them Smile

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Unhappy Employees? Here’s How to Make Them Smile

Richard Branson very famously once said: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Branson has a good point, but that quote doesn’t really share what to do when you might not have payed enough attention to your employees – and they’re disgruntled. We’re taking a look at three signs you’ve got unhappy employees on your hands, and what to do to remedy the situation and transform your workplace into the happy, nurturing environment you know it can be…

They Don’t Get Along

We get it! Everyone won’t get along with everyone – it’s just not realistic. However, most employees are willing to bury their opinions of their less-favourite colleagues in the name of keeping the peace.

If you notice, or hear about, employees getting snarky with each other openly, see to this immediately. If they’re confronting each other openly, then you might already be too late.

The key is to start cultivating a culture of bonding and friendship. Take a day to enjoy team building exercises with your team. These are a great way to get your less-compatible team members communicating and interacting.

They Don’t Work as Hard

Unhappy Employee Rolling Her Eyes

Have you noticed your office’s productivity slipping? Perhaps one or two start employees have slowed down and aren’t performing at levels they’ve managed previously?

This isn’t always employee unhappiness. Sometimes it has more to do with their home-lives than anything else, but there’s really no way of knowing unless you come out and ask them directly.

The key here is acknowledgement. When last did you praise your staff on a completed project, or incentivised them to reach their targets? Unproductive team members are starving for recognition, so find a way to regularly praise them and you’ll keep productivity at a constant high!

They’re Always Coming Late

Empty Chairs and Desks in Office Space

The problem with chronic late-coming is that it actually costs your business money! You ideally want to see most of your team members arriving a few minutes early at the latest.

However, if you’re noticing a few members of your team coming late on a regular basis, there might be an underlying unhappiness that should best be addressed before long.

The solution, again, comes down to setting aside time for effective communication and interaction exercises. A team building outing will create an open forum where unhappy employees can voice their concerns in a relaxed setting.

Remember to listen carefully as their superior, and be sympathetic as far as possible, but ensure there are still firm boundaries and consequences when it comes to tardiness.

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