Dinosaurs don’t dance anymore

The three elements of John Adair’s action-centred leadership model
Action-Centred Leadership: A Delicate Balancing Act
20th June 2018
Attitude and cooperation
Excellence Starts with Attitude… and Develops Through Cooperation
6th July 2018

Dinosaurs don’t dance anymore

Leading people in a constantly changing environment is a critical leadership skill.

Being a leader in an ever-changing business landscape is often exhausting. Our natural instinct is to work towards achieving equilibrium, where maintaining well-oiled work processes become our market differentiator. Unfortunately, the external environment, your customers, competition and the economy are changing at immense speed. A stable internal environment is therefore likely to become your Achilles’ Heel and lead to your demise.

Anticipating change

Today’s leaders are expected to identify and anticipate market shifts so as to be able to rapidly influence the organization, it’s people and stakeholders to switch the course of their actions. Tweaking systems and procedures is often easier than influencing the people in the business. Affecting people-change in organizations could be likened to moving a cemetery ~ where one receives no assistance from the inhabitants.

Leading change

What could a leader do to set a new course of direction where all employees become willing participants?
  • Speak passionately about the future, whilst creating a tangible discomfort of the current situation by painting a bleak picture of the present.
  • Support people in developing new skills and behaviours.
  • Reward the new behaviours and applied skills letting them feel the fattening of their wallets.
  • Divest yourself of those employees that fight for the restoration of the “good old days”
  • Clearly communicate that CHANGE will become the new CONSTANT.
  • Connect the NOW with the FUTURE with an easy to follow process.
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