Team Building Activities

Our teambuilding courses are tailor made to your specific requirements, and range in duration from a one day outing to a three-day team building adventure. Our team building activities are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, and participants are guaranteed a fun experience throughout.

Scott’s Approach

Before our Teambuilding Adventure can begin, we assess the need for a team building with you. With insights gained from this first contact, we can proceed to develop our four-pronged team building adventure tailored to your specific requirements. Scott’s approach to teambuilding includes , empowering teams of participants to better themselves both individually and as a group.

Group of people in red shirts

1. Planning

The first step in our powerful team building process is to find out what outcomes you’d like to achieve. This planning phase will allow us to decide on specific teambuilding activities that we know will challenge participants to achieve your required outcomes.

Man abseiling

2. Theory

Before each team building activity takes place, we speak to participants about the specific task and how they should go about performing it. We take a hands-on approach to our teambuilding activities, and make sure that each participant understands what is required of them.

Men pushing carts

3. Activity

As our name suggests, our teambuilding activities are an adventure – getting individuals to perform tasks they never thought possible. This conquering of personal limitations empowers the team with a renewed sense of confidence and drive to succeed.

People smiling on stairs

4. Review

At the completion of each teambuilding activity, we conduct the all-important review. Our objective here is to scrutinise each team’s actions, and by doing so gain valuable insights into their ability to work as a team – while giving valuable advice gained from practical experience. During this process, our facilitators draw from conventional thinking as well as from their own unique experiences.

Teambuilding Activities on Offer

Below are some activities that can be included in your tailored team building course, depending on the agreed-upon objectives required from the group concerned. Each teambuilding activity achieves specific outcomes, so the activities your team partakes in will depend entirely on the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Group Dynamics

Group of men


Man abseiling


People on rafts


People hiking in field

Creative Solutions

People doing team building exercise

Oliver’s Travels

Woman hanging on harness

Obstacle Course

Man climbing wooden structure

Go Karting

Woman on cart

Rap Jumping

Man abseiling

The Ballad Band

People laughing and singing

Rock Climbing

Woman rock climbing


Traverse 2