Dogs Bark at Someone They Don’t Know

Scott’s Teambuilding discuss good leadership
Good Leadership Involves Responsibility to The Welfare Of The Group
16th March 2022
Scotts Teambuilding discuss recognition leading to motivation 2
Recognition Leads to Motivation
17th June 2022

Dogs Bark at Someone They Don’t Know

Scott’s Teambuilding discuss diminishing Stress with Action

Martin is a member of a renowned local band and starting out with a Fender guitar, has never deviated. To him, nothing created can ever come up to the resonance of this instrument. However, take the Gibson, Les Paul and the like – all strumming at the top alongside the Fender; and as many musicians will tell you, each guitar has unique sounds to suit every genre of music.

Diversity is Key

Nonetheless, no amount of persuasion will convince Martin as to the validity of other makes. He is utterly dogmatic on this issue. For all he knows his guitar could have been constructed out of old mango boxes in a leaking sampan in Bangkok – but as long as it has F- e-n-d-e-r inscribed somewhere, Martin will pay homage – it’s fused into his cortex.

Sadly, Martin’s intolerance to other guitar brands reduces his credibility as a musician.

Don’t Let Comfort Hold You Back

Our environment ensures that we all grow up with certain prejudices. Whatever opinions were implanted in our youth tend to be embedded like the roots of a giant Redwood tree. A change of philosophy regarding our perception and treatment of others, responsibilities in the workplace, education, class (or whatever) is not an option we easily embrace.

And that unfortunately holds many of us back – more often than not, bias only sees what it pleases and ignores the actual truth of the matter. Beware of verdicts based on sentiments as opposed to fact – because invariably it will be the wrong judgment call.

Rather question the opinions of others, honestly analyse their points of view, endeavour to see facts from their position and tie the findings up with solid evidence before coming to a conclusion.

Learn to Be Adaptable with Scott’s Teambuilding

Embracing things that we are unfamiliar with is all part of being a good leader. Scott’s Teambuilding teach leaders how to embrace change and become adaptable in the workplace. Book your team in today!

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