Four Ways Teambuilding can Improve Trust

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6th July 2018
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Four Ways Teambuilding can Improve Trust

How does teambuilding improve trust?

We’ve said before that attitude, cooperation and communication are the keys to your team’s success. However, there is one major variable that we haven’t included in that equation. That’s because it goes without saying. That one vital ingredient is trust. This is the glue that binds your team together. Without it, there is no team. With this in mind, one of the most important things you can include in your teambuilding programme is a course or activity that builds or rebuilds trust. We can offer a number of activities that target trust specifically. Regardless of the one you choose, however, there are four basic ways in which a teambuilding exercise will develop the trust within your group:

It cuts across the hierarchy

As the leader of a team, you may not realise how constraining, even intimidating, your team structure can be. You may find that some of your staff are afraid to speak up because they see you as “the boss.” The result is that they don’t trust you enough to open up and make the contribution you need. On the other hand, their silence may seem to you like an unwillingness to contribute, which will naturally affect your trust in them. The solution is to take your team into a situation where the office hierarchy is thrown out of the window for a moment. A day of teambuilding with us is just the ticket.

It opens channels of communication

The biggest cause of distrust is a lack of communication. It’s the silent death that destroys any team. One of teambuilding’s main functions is to get your team talking to each other. Whether it’s in a discussion group or engaging in some fun outdoor activity, the lines of communication get opened wide.

It takes the team out of their comfort zone

Gently, of course. It can easily go the other way. You don’t want to freak your team members out – just nudge them into an unfamiliar situation, usually with some task or goal that requires them to rely on each other. Not only will the leaders reveal themselves, but trust and rapport will be established in no time.

It lets them have FUN together!

Last but not least, it takes a team that may be used to being way too serious with one another and gives them space to enjoy themselves together. Everyone will end seeing each other in a completely different light. They may learn things they didn’t know about each other – an ideal foundation for trust.

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