How Leadership Courses Improve Workplace Morale

How Teambuilding Courses Can Improve Productivity
15th June 2017
The Business Benefits of Teambuilding Courses
16th August 2017

How Leadership Courses Improve Workplace Morale

To a large extent, workplace morale is affected by the way in which members of management deal with their subordinates. How a manager or project head speaks to and acts towards employees will either build morale – or shatter it. Leadership courses are specifically designed to identify potential leaders in an organisation, while teaching them the skills needed to bring the best out of a staff compliment. Let’s have a look at how leadership courses are able to improve workplace morale, ensuring that your team performs at its peak all year round…

Develop Company Loyalty

Satisfied employees are loyal employees. By investing in leadership courses for your staff, you are showing them that their professional growth is important to you. When they feel valued, they are more willing to go the extra mile for the company. Leadership courses teach employees how to be better communicators, how to maintain a positive attitude, how to better work as a team, and how to handle pressure situations. These are all skills that they can take on to their next place of employment (preferably using them effectively in your organisation) and they will show gratitude for the opportunity to develop.

Improve Organisational Communication

Soft skills sound unnecessary, but they are vitally important in an organisation. Soft skills help employees feel stronger, more effective and more confident in what they do. Examples of every day soft skills taught during teambuilding exercises include: • Using the words “situation” or “challenge” instead of the word “problem”. The first two words are neutral, while the last carries a negative connotation. • Using the word “and” instead of “but”. The word “but” tends to discount the first part of the sentence, while the word “and” implies that both parts are equally important. For example, “I love the article you wrote, and please add this one line at the end.” • Using the words “often” and “rarely” instead of “always” and “never”.

5 Skills Leadership Courses Will Impart

There are certain skills that organisation leaders need to master in order to boost overall staff morale and business productivity. Below are five of these skills that are taught during leadership courses: 1. Developing workplace energy The more energy a leader can build in a team, the more productive they will be day on day. 2. Creating team synergy Employees that get along perform better on tasks and accomplish more than those who don’t. 3. Dealing with difficult employees Employees have bad days, but it’s how these occasions are dealt with that can make or break their morale. 4. Setting team goals Goals give purpose to tasks that need completing, which makes employees feel like they’re actually working toward something. 5. How to teach active listening This is a system of talking and listening that avoids misunderstandings during organisational communication.

Teambuilding Exercises and Leadership Courses in Durban

The above leadership skills are sure to improve the morale of your staff members, while identifying potential leaders for further development. Improve your workplace morale with professional teambuilding exercises and leadership courses from Scott’s Teambuilding Adventures! Get in touch with Scott here and book your team building adventure today! *Source: Confidence Centre