Leadership Insight No 20

Leadership Insight No 45
4th July 2016
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Standard Bank
1st November 2016

Leadership Insight No 20

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“Success or failure begins with belief. Whether you believe you can do something or believe you can’t – you’re right!”

Henry Ford

Commentary: Belief grows from aspiration. This is the desire to fulfil one’s dreams. Many fail because they do not know how to launch their first step. Firstly, an attitude of discipline, accepting personal responsibility and accountability for your actions is required. Follow up with the accrual of intense research on your subject. Search every opportunity, analyse your findings and leave no stone unturned in your relentless quest over the challenge. Entrench this in your mind – knowledge is power. The more you have, the more positive and confident you become. This self-assurance leads to visualisation – you ‘see’ yourself as succeeding. The winning line is embedded in your imagination. Now you start to believe and you’ll find that a conviction in your capability to do what you once thought was impossible, is now a reality. Once you believe you can do something, you are no longer anxious about the challenge – you look forward to it! And with this attitude the focus becomes razor sharp, you centre your entire attention on successfully completing the venture – and when you mentally believe, success is guaranteed – you already have achieved your assignment.   “A person with little ambition believes according to what he achieves. An aspiring person achieves according to what he believes.” Sri Chinmov