How to Tell When You Need Team Building

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18th October 2017
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10th November 2017

How to Tell When You Need Team Building

We know what you’re thinking. “My team doesn’t need building, we’re rock stars!” You’re probably right, but when last have you chatted to your staff about how they REALLY feel? You might not notice them at first, but there are a few warning signs that indicate your team could benefit from team building. We explore these below:

Your Office Has Lost Its Vibe

Has your office environment gone from super vibey and energetic to lethargic and dull? Groups of individuals feed off of each other’s emotions and energy levels, so even the smallest of disagreements between staff members could spoil the general ambiance and render your workspace about as stimulating as a potted plant.

Your Office Has Too Much Vibe

On the flip side of the coin, an office where one or two individuals are acting rowdier than usual is also a warning sign. Uncharacteristic rowdiness is often indicative of intra-organisational conflict, where factionalisation occurs and one faction is trying to outdo the faction they have a conflict with in order to illicit a response.

You Have a Bunch of New Staff Members

Think about what it was like when you started your first job as part of a larger office compliment. Every staff compliment has one or two ‘part of the furniture’ staff members, as well as a few that may have started a few months before you. The ‘older’ staff members are hardened veterans, and might feel it outside their mandate to train and guide the new staff.

Meetings Are Painful for All

Are your weekly morning meetings becoming about as fun as a trip to the dentist? A motivated staff compliment provides a spark to meetings and brainstorming sessions, and are able to come up with ideas and processes because they recognise their vested interest in the success of the organisation. When you find yourself talking at a group of blank-faced people who offer you little in the line of reciprocation, it’s time for a little team building.