What can Our Personal Development and Motivation Courses do for You?

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4th April 2018
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What can Our Personal Development and Motivation Courses do for You?

A little motivation goes a long way and it’s never too late to invest in personal development. Why not invest in a refresher course to help your staff rediscover their inner drive, pick up a skill they have always wanted or be the leaders they’ve dreamed of being? Our personal development and motivational courses may be exactly the tonic your organisation and the people within it need. What specific benefits can you expect from these courses? We combine theory and practice in a series of conferences or group discussions in the following four key themes:

Vision: Developing the Concept and Action Plan

The key to success, both for organisations and individuals, is the ability to formulate and follow a clear vision and then to create and follow a path towards the accomplishment of that vision. This course provides you with the tools you need to create that vision and to draw up a step-by-step plan towards accomplishing it.

Taking responsibility for your life

It is very easy to surrender personal power to others or to blame those around us for our shortcomings. This course teaches individuals to make ‘the buck stop’ with them in any situation. The acceptance of this personal responsibility is very liberating. It makes for more powerful individuals and more pro-active team members.

The psychology of achievement

The work of Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins and John DeMartini, among others, makes it very clear that achievement is a mindset. What are the beliefs and behaviours that make for high achievers? This course will show you. It will also help you to integrate them into your own life and habits.

Priorities, change and goal-setting

Once you’ve laid the foundations for success in your mindset, a strongly defined vision and an action plan, you need to be able to navigate the path towards the accomplishment of your goals. In these workshops, we show you how to set goals within the context of your vision, how to prioritise your tasks accordingly and how to adjust to inevitable changes and still remain on track. Contact us to learn more about our personal development and motivation courses.