2018 Team Building Resolutions You Can Keep

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16th January 2018
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15th February 2018

2018 Team Building Resolutions You Can Keep

It’s 2018 and you’re probably wondering where the time disappeared to. With the new year comes renewed opportunities to go further, climb higher, and be the best version of ourselves possible. For this reason, we’re sharing a few different – but effective – 2018 team building resolutions you can implement and use to improve your workplace morale for good…

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Revise your team building efforts of last year

  Did you manage to organise any outings for your company? Looking at what you did to boost workplace cohesion before, and assessing the current level of cohesion, will give you an indication of what sort of team building efforts should be applied moving forward.

Insist that staff take lunch breaks – preferably together

The sharing of meals is a great way to ensure open and candid communication between individual staff members. Got a few employees that prefer to sit alone at their desks while eating their sandwiches? Get them out and into the sunshine with the rest!

Find a management tool that will make life easier for staff

Whether it’s an online tool to make updating your website easier, or a new kettle that doesn’t leave the coffee tasting like mud, consider sourcing one thing that will make life easier for your employees this year.

Commit to two team building outings this year

A lot can happen in a year, but less can happen in six months. So, consider doubling up on your team building outings this year (if you only do one a year), and if you’re not using team building outings as of yet, consider these from this year.

Make a few important decisions as a team

Gone are the days when only upper management were responsible for making the tough organisational decisions. Nowadays, with more staff members being seen as stakeholders, tough decisions that affect everyone can be discussed and voted upon by everyone. This gives staff a feeling of purpose, as they are assisting in shaping the company.