Are You Getting Bang for Your Teambuilding Buck?

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Are You Getting Bang for Your Teambuilding Buck?

Appointing team building facilitators to motivate work teams to new levels of performance is common practice. However, the results are often not apparent which leads the organisation to question whether the money was wisely invested.

How Can You Avoid Making the Same Mistake?

Listed below are 5 critical questions you may ask before you part with your cold cash;

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Do you know what you want to achieve?

“If you aim at nothing, you will always achieve your target”

Always start with the end in mind. Both you and your team need to be very clear about what you want to achieve.

Be wary of the team builders that offer set programs to fix all.

Any reputable team building establishment will require a detailed brief from you before they are able to propose an intervention that will make a difference.

Have you a method of measuring the success of the team building intervention?

“If you are unable to measure it, you will not be able to improve it”

First things first. You will have to measure the current situation before you are able to demonstrate that the money spent is value adding.

If you want to improve productivity, sales or moral you will have to quantify your current performance. Regular evaluation after the team building will give you an idea of your value add. Ask your facilitator to help you with the metrics.

Are you crystal clear on what is holding your team back?

“You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken”

It is imperative that you, your workforce and the facilitator are aware of the dysfunctional group dynamic. Teams that merely “pitch up” for an intervention without knowing why they are there, are highly unlikely to demonstrate any improvement.

Teambuilding takes commitment and hard work from all. Unless every member is working towards a common goal, your money will be wasted. Competent facilitators will be aware of the current team dynamic and will have planned a strategy to showcase work behaviour in a safe environment. Once this has been highlighted they assist the team members with the skills to overcome the dysfunction.

Have you questioned the team building entity on the competence of their trainers?

“Employing an inexperienced team facilitator is like putting bald tyres on your Ferrari. It only slows you down”.

Ensure that the team building advisor understands the fundamentals of your business. A competent facilitator has a solid grounding in business or organisational development and is able to accurately interpret your business challenges.

That means that they actually have qualifications and experience, not just a great personality.

Are you sure that the team building “activities” will correct your team’s shortcomings?

“Team building simulations are designed to mirror what occurs in the workplace, and not to be a mindless physical activity”

The design and facilitation of team building activities is creative psychological art. The tasks should bubble up and demonstrate common work behaviours. This will allow the facilitator to lead the team in critically evaluating their work behaviour and analysing what is required to improve the situation.

Always question the team building activities and the intended value add. Competent team building organisations will be able to explain the process, their methodology and the intended learning.

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