Choosing the Perfect Team Building Venue in Durban

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10th November 2017
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3rd December 2017

Choosing the Perfect Team Building Venue in Durban

We at Scott’s Teambuilding Adventures have been making use of many idyllic team building venues in Durban and around KwaZulu-Natal since 1997. That’s 20 years of empowering people from all walks of life through effective team building activities and leadership courses all over the KZN province. When deciding which venue would be ideally poised to host your team building event, you can always simply choose one from this list of team building venues in KwaZulu-Natal – or you could take a process approach and decide on the best venue to suite both your staff and your desired organisational outcomes. So, here’s how to choose the right team building venue in Durban…

1. Define Your Goals

The first step to deciding on the right team building venue for your company will be to decide on what exactly you’re looking to achieve in your organisation. Your specific desired outcomes will determine the types of activities your team will participate in, and the types of activities will determine the locational requirements of your team building event. So, decide on which areas of the organisation you’re hoping to improve. Are you looking for improved communication between staff? Is motivation something that needs a boost in your business? Write down your goals, and move on to the next phase.

2. Consider Your Stakeholders

Phase two of choosing the perfect team building venue in Durban is to consider the stakeholders involved in your organisation, specifically those who will be attending the team building event. Pertinent questions to answer include the following:
  • Are any staff members disabled or temporarily using movement aids?
  • Do any staff members suffer from allergies?
  • Do any staff members suffer from outdoor phobias?
If, for example, you have a staff member confined to a wheelchair, this will affect your choice of venue as you’d require one with ease of wheelchair access.

3. Speak to Your Team Building Hosts

When you’ve defined the goals you hope to achieve with your team building event, and you’ve taken into consideration any unique requirements from your participating staff members, the next step is to relay this information to your team building hosts. Once they’ve heard about what you’re looking to achieve, and any staff-specific considerations, they will be able to recommend team building venues in your area that will suite your specific context. For in-depth feedback about tried and tested team building venues in Durban and the surrounding areas, feel free to get in touch with Scott’s Teambuilding Adventures here!

4. Decide on Your Ideal Team Building Venue

The last step in booking your ideal team building venue is to assess your desired goals, your stakeholder considerations, what your team building hosts recommend, and then make a decision. Whether you choose the beach or the bush, indoor or outdoor, daytime or night-time – the mere fact that you recognise the need for effective team building for your organisation is a major step towards improved workplace productivity and staff cohesion.