The First Condition of Lasting Joy

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23rd November 2017
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15th December 2017

The First Condition of Lasting Joy

“The very first condition of lasting happiness is to find a purpose for your life and then take responsibility for getting there”. Hugo L Black

As kids, our time was spent looking for fun. We see a tree and climb it right to the top. However, as we grow older, numerous people tend to neglect that attitude and immerse ourselves in the competition of life; losing that spontaneity and relaxed, entertaining attitude. Now a whole lot of folk only get as far as sleeping under that tree. Give a child responsibility and they rise to the challenge. Feeling important at been chosen, they experience elation and an elevated self-esteem. Furthermore, at a young age that delegation starts to instill leadership qualities. There is no difference with adults, just take them back to that mindset.

Be Accountable

On courses, if delegates complain about lack of advancement, I explain that “If someone doesn’t give them responsibility, it could well be that they have never shown that they can take that accountability. Seize the initiative and reach up to the next level. Do something above your job description and you’ll start to fly.” The more they do it, the better they become, and the further they go forward – and that is the stepping stone to high morale, motivation and happiness in the team. If you give people responsibility, they are made to feel a valuable part of the squad, it stretches their ability and they give more of themselves to the task and the company.

Accept the challenge, have fun

Take Richard Branson as an example. He had immense trials but regarded them as a competition, rather like a school sports day – as fun and as a challenge. He took responsibility for his direction, became accountable for his actions, and reaped huge satisfaction from his achievements. Like a child, he was happy and enthusiastic in everything he did, and because of this he advanced to become a household name in the world. And he had a lot of excitement and fun getting there…

“The office of those in authority is not to confer happiness, but to give people the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves”. William Ellery Channing