How to Turn Dreams into Goals

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How to Turn Dreams into Goals

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We all have dreams, even if they are only at the back of our mind. Dreams can be powerful, but a dream alone isn’t enough. What you need is a goal. Before you make any giant leaps toward turning your dreams into reality, Scott’s Teambuilding is here to make sure you’re on the right path. Here’s a list of seven steps to turning that dream into a plan:

1. Get Grounded and Write It Down

Consider for a moment how long you’ve actually been thinking about this particular dream, and how hard it is to manifest anything tangible when all we do is fantasize about it. So first you need to get out of your own head for a bit. Write your dream down, commit your dreams to writing. The mere act of putting it to paper suggests that you’re committing to it – and this can be very powerful in helping you eventually achieve that dream.

2. Give It a Name and Brainstorm

Whatever your dream, there’s more than one way to reach it. Decide exactly what it is you want and spell it out. Define it. Make it tangible, and then brainstorm possibilities. When you’re brainstorming, include all the ideas that come to mind – even ones which seem inane or impractical. You might find that an inane idea leads you on to a great one. While you’re at it, look for opportunities in line with your dream, as you turn it into something real.

3. Pick One Clear Goal and Break It Down

From that brainstorming session, take those possibilities and come up with one clear goal. Then break it down. Big goals are overwhelming. They can make us want to quit before we’ve begun. In order to avoid this kind of block, it’s essential that you break your goal up into smaller tasks. This will give your brain a break from fixating on something that feels so far away and will instead motivate you to work through a list of items that can easily be accomplished.

4. Know Your Weaknesses and Your Strengths

Anticipate what will set you back, so that you recognise where you are going. Focus on using your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. You have both. Familiarise yourself with them, so that your limitations don’t slow you down, nor discourage you from your goals. Strengths and weaknesses are evenly distributed, and are meant to test you and your capabilities.

5. Give Yourself a Deadline

It’s much easier to hit your goals when you’re working towards a target. Be realistic – but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself a little. If you’ve got a really big goal, you might want to look at a two to five-year deadline. With smaller goals, keep them within a year.

6. Write Down the Steps to Get You There

Now we’re on to the plan itself. This is where you really get into the essentials and start turning that dream into something real. With big goals, it’s often helpful to work backwards. Look ahead to plan for the present.

7. Stop Trying to Do It All on Your Own

We all know that goals aren’t achieved overnight, no matter how much we dream. You may get there sooner and smoother if you ask for help. While there are certain things you must take on solo, let others assist you on your journey whenever possible. Skills in teambuilding, leadership and motivation are essential to your journey.

Once your dream is a goal, remember that failure isn’t the end. When we set out to achieve something big and life-changing, failure might be exactly what you need to truly succeed. Our blog is always here to help.