The Importance of Recognition

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15th July 2021
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30th September 2021

The Importance of Recognition

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Charles Schwab, the American billionaire and financial whiz, said “I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm amongst people the greatest asset I possess. The best way to develop someone is by recognition and encouragement.” Scott’s Teambuilding are going to be discussing the power and importance of recognition in more detail.

The Power of Recognition

Recognition is the tonic that keeps us going.

Take parents for example, who are encouraging their baby to take that first step. When the child trips over the dog dish or topples into the fishpond, they don’t pronounce “Oops, walking is not for you, it’s easier to keep crawling for the rest of your life; you won’t have to go through this pain”. No, they pick up the toddler and say “Well done, that was great, let’s just try again. Go for it!” That encouragement and recognition for small achievements is actually what gets the child to walk. And so it is with adults, motivation still comes from getting recognition.

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Why Recognition is Important in Leadership

Leadership means seizing every opportunity to motivate people by recognising their worth, skills and input. Ensure that everybody in the team, no matter how insignificant their contribution, gets recognition. This is the path to self-worth and the platform for their development. And I know it’s their job, and we expect their involvement, but it does not cost us one cent of breath to say, “Thank you, well done!” By these effortless gestures you are reaching into the very core of each individual. They appreciate you and your encouragement; it enhances morale and thereby productivity. Further pleasure also comes from providing others with acknowledgement. Giving to others is reciprocal and rewarding-it makes us feel good. A person who gets recognition, feels appreciated and will always do more than expected.

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