Coping with Criticism in Times of Change

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5th May 2021
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24th June 2021

Coping with Criticism in Times of Change

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“There is one way to avoid criticism. Never do anything, never amount to anything. Never get your head above the crowd so that the jealous will notice and attack you. Criticism is a sign that your personality has some force.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Why People Don’t Make Positive Changes

As soon as we break boundaries to effect positive change, criticism is unleashed.

Fear of change and moving out of their comfort zone inhibits people in that they would rather endure current painful situations than move away from them. Anxiety stops us from experiencing growth and keeps us from changes that could well re-invigorate and energise us into a more productive state of mind.

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How to Motivate Change

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “there is nothing to fear except fear itself” and once having accepted that, ask yourself (or your staff) the question “what is the worst that could happen if we action these changes and move ahead?”

Yes, static people are going to criticise and ridicule; learn to take it – it is part of the game.

However, the upside is that even if you make mistakes as you move forward, at least you have had the character to try; you will learn, and grow from these experiences, and in a short time, progress above your critics.

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Now Read: The Fundamentals of an Effective Leader