Why Spend Huge Amounts On Team Building Companies?

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25th February 2021
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5th May 2021

Why Spend Huge Amounts On Team Building Companies?

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Why not run your own team building courses? It is more cost effective and is likely to add greater value! Scott’s Teambuilding are sharing how to do this. For more teambuilding tips, visit our blog.

How to Initiate In-house Team Building

Scott’s Team Building Adventures who have 25 years’ experience of designing and facilitating team building courses have teamed up with a Human Resource and Organisational Development Specialist. We have pooled our collective knowledge and experience and have developed a unique methodology of teaching your staff to design, develop and facilitate their own team building interventions.

Assign an In-House Team Building Expert

Presumably you conduct teambuilding to either remedy a dysfunctional team, or to improve the skill levels of a functional team. Every person within your organisation knows more about the business and it’s people than an outside team building consultant. It is therefore logical to assign an inhouse team building expert.

You may have a qualified Human Resource Specialist that holds a deep understanding of the organisation, it’s challenges and the unique interpersonal dynamics.

This specialist is likely to have been schooled in psychology, sociology and organisational development. They are perfectly set to facilitate value adding team building interventions.

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Learn to Facilitate Your Own Team Build with Us

This practical hands-on two-day workshop will provide your designated team builder with the confidence to facilitate their own team building courses. Your organisation will save the costs of external consultancy fees and ensure that all team building interventions are sharply focused on relevant challenges.

The course will equip the delegates with:

  1. A proven team building model.
  2. A deeper understanding of the anatomy of an effective team.
  3. The confidence and ability of facilitating value adding team effectiveness learning activities.
  4. The skills to organise, plan and facilitate in-house team building events.

Each delegate will leave the course with:

  1. A toolbox of equipment to facilitate different learning activities.
  2. The methodology and confidence to facilitate their own team building courses.
  3. The reassurance of ongoing coaching if required.

Take Advantage of Our 25 Years Team Building Experience

Scott’s Teambuilding have been in the industry for years and enjoy passing down our extensive experience to others. Learn how to set-up beneficial teambuilding exercises with your team. Should you want to take advantage of saving money whilst adding value, contact us today.

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