The Fundamentals of an Effective Leader

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6th April 2021
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31st May 2021

The Fundamentals of an Effective Leader

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“A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd” James Crook

Imagine what would happen if a conductor of a large orchestra faced the audience as opposed to the musicians. The directives would be visible to the spectators only. Behind, the entire symphony would be a cacophony of tunes – out of synch with each other and played to each musicians tempo. Each would look to one another for direction and have no clear view of the final arrangement.

How to Lead Your Team Effectively

Such is the case of a manager, team leader or supervisor who expects co-workers to follow their back; instructions thrown over a shoulder whilst concentrating only on the next line of management. This type of leadership evokes non-communication, resentment and lack of respect.

Instead, face and become a part of the team; lead them towards harmony, giving a full and detailed picture of the requirements for each task. Be instrumental in coaching, mentoring, uplifting and improving qualifications and effectiveness.

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How to Orchestrate Greater Success

Tune in to their needs as well – their growth, security, advancement, empowerment and recognition.

This will ensure that the leader will earn the respect and dedication of the team and subsequently orchestrate greater success.

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