Decisive Leadership: Turning the Tide on the Coronavirus

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Decisive Leadership: Turning the Tide on the Coronavirus

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Who Will Stand With Me In The Gap Today?

 “We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.”

– Dr Henry Link

Capt. Mark Adams reflects; “In the military, we found that with decisive leadership it was amazing what a small group of 18-year-olds could achieve in the face of superior odds.”

& So it should be with the current pandemic of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, many of the population are already in panic mode. To exacerbate the situation, there’s a whole cacophony trying to outdo one another with the manufacture of the “first to know” horror stories and unqualified advice.

However, be warned and walk with caution; anger, fear and alarm are highly infectious and letting this get out of hand will see paralysis strike.

Determined Leadership Through Action

Determined leadership is urgently required at ALL levels to unite, take ACTION and defeat the threat of this virus to our environment. Action allows you to feel more in control – at least you are doing something about it. Your mind is concentrated on the task and not on your stress. Whatever you accomplish makes you feel better. Action overcomes fear and draws the best out of us all.

Get a Grip

To use an old saying originating from the forces, we all need to ‘get a grip’. And this is a three-step process.

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1. Get a Grip on Ourselves.

Reflect where you are, what can you do about this.

2. Get a Grip of Those Who we are Responsible for in the Family or Business Scenario.

Focus on health and safety and investigate wide-ranging, even novel preventative measures.

3. Get a Grip of the Situation by Researching, Communicating, Planning & Taking Steps Forward with the Group.

Explore new ways of doing things, new opportunities, new directions.

Incite people to action, support and monitor their progress and results. Recognise and encourage their efforts.

4. Become the Change You Require.

A tip for leaders can be taken from George Orwell’s quote, “You become the mask you wear”. In situations like this never show your alarm, regardless of your internal feelings. Often a supremely conscious effort but take a very big deep breath, block out negative thoughts of failure and focus on a successful end. This has the effect of neutralising apprehension in yourself and the team and keeps us all moving forward.

Further, you’ll find that courage and an attitude of composure is also contagious.

Look at any school playground when the younger group are off to retrieve their soccer ball from the plundering older group. It takes just one of the younger boys with a bit more fortitude than the others to stand up and go and you’ll find the rest will follow.

On the other side of the coin, having shown your resolution, as a leader you also draw strength and encouragement from knowing your team are right behind you; a situation of unity and strength.

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Now Read Are You Shifting Your Shape as A Leader?