Corona – The Game Has Changed, Have You?

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Corona – The Game Has Changed, Have You?

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The question now … “What are we going to do?”

We recently published an article – “The times are a-changing, leadership lessons from Bob Dylan”.

Whether it was a premonition or by absolute fluke, this composition is the most relevant today.

In the writing, we highlighted four lessons, namely;

  • Accept the change,
  • Act quickly,
  • Embrace young minds, &
  • Diversity is King.

The change that has been forced upon us cannot be ignored and therefore we have all accepted that the world is no longer what it was and will never be the same again.

Secondly, we recommended that leaders act quickly or sink like a stone.

Roll on a few months…

The Changed Game

The semi-final at half time is delicately poised with the scoreboard reflecting 6-7. The heavens have opened, the pitch is water-logged and uncontested scrums have been called.

The brains trust has little time to waste. The successful strategy of running the ball from behind a dominant scrum will definitely be disastrous. ‘What to do?’, the

Captain asks.

It is time to reset the strategy, tactics and player roles or face elimination from the World Cup.

Many business leaders are asking the same question.

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The Business Scramble

Step 1: Use Eraser Management

It is time for eraser management, remove the targets we have set, eradicate the plan and start afresh with a new, swift and agile plan.

Step 2: Apply Mash Decision Making

Whilst reviewing your business, use the MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) decision-making processes. Place your objectives into three categories;

1. Those patients that will not recover.

No matter what effort is spent, this dream is now out of reach and will not be achieved. Do not spend time on this.

2. Despite doing nothing the patient will not die.

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Where there is no problem, don’t make a problem. Prioritise; do not spend time and money on processes that are running smoothly and not affected by the situation.

3. If immediate action is not taken, the patient will die.

Those critical actions that will give your business the quickest and best returns. Here, you brainstorm and seize the opportunities before they are lost. You also allocate resources to plug any gaps or weaknesses in your strategy.

Step 3: Getting All Hands on Deck

All employees have been rested and are rearing to go. The art is getting the energy focused on the critical targets with the most skilful people in the right positions.

Identifying the roles and getting ALL employees to accept their amended tasks is vitally important. It is time to scrap traditional functions and look at what people are best at, rather than at what their title expects.

Step 4: Paint the Picture

Your staff will be looking for hope and a vision to hang onto during this tough time. Now the leaders step up to the plate and paint a picture of the promised land.

Illustrate the image and show them daily how they are progressing toward the common goal. Encourage each individual to feel and taste their contribution.

(Allow the players to touch and raise the trophy)

Step 5: Let Them Hear the Jingle in Their Pockets

Most households will be struggling financially over the foreseeable future. Never has the allure of cash been stronger. Link staff effort, performance and organisational success to a tangible jingle in their pockets.

Setting easy to understand incentive schemes will drive performance more than ever before.

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