Embracing Mistakes

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Embracing Mistakes

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Success is the result of making many mistakes, and learning from the experience” Winston Churchill

Instead of beating ourselves up when blunders occur, use the errors as a growth tool. Let’s look at the psychology behind this process.

(At this point I hasten to emphasise that there is a world of difference between mistakes made through effort and those made through neglect.) Here we are talking about the former.

How to Embrace a Mistake

Having made a mistake, there are three steps to embrace. Learning from a mistake is crucial for success in life. For more tips and guidance on being a better leader and individual, visit our blog.

Step 1: Acknowledge

It’s not easy to admit your mistakes, and to do so means venturing out of your comfort zone. However, this first step means that you are strengthening your mind and resolve. Also by doing something that challenges you develops discipline.

Further, by standing up and acknowledging your error shows character and (whether they admit it or not) engenders respect amongst other people. However, there are always going to be people who will ridicule; have compassion on them – they are normally the type who have never done anything themselves anyway, for fear of being criticised.

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Step 2: Rectify

Immediately, and don’t be shy to ask others to help if you need assistance. People like helping other people; it makes them feel good about themselves. Good leaders always ask for help from their followers; in that way they are showing value and recognition for their input.

Step 3: Learn

Edison failed nearly two thousand times to get his bulb to shine before he found the solution to the electric light. After every failure he tried something different, and with unswerving discipline continued until the illumination came.

His genius came from the acceptance of, and ability to learn from his mistakes, re-align and then continue with absolute persistence until the inevitable triumph.

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Vince Lombardi once said ” Errors and mistakes are the necessary steps in the learning process; once they have served their purpose, they should be forgotten.”

Emulate this, and we too can find the prodigy within.

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