How Healthy Is Your Team?

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21st August 2020
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27th October 2020

How Healthy Is Your Team?

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Embarking on a team building exercise without a thorough team analysis is similar to a patient self-medicating before diagnosing their ailment.   In many cases, an organisation’s approach to team building could be likened to the following dysfunctional conversation with your family doctor; Doctor: Oh you are feeling ill. Don’t worry, luck has it that we are running a special on Eley Triple A tablets. Medical reps claim they have been known to cure a spread of ailments, so we’re just giving them a try…

Developing a Course of Action Without a Proper Diagnosis Can Be Fatal

Our experience with Team Building is that many organisations “self-medicate” without doing a thorough diagnosis of their team. The event totally misses the point or at best treats, only a few minor symptoms and the underlying causes of dysfunction are often left unattended. The staff then return to work more frustrated and stressed than before the Team Building event.

Reading the Vital Signs

A visit to a competent doctor will include the medical practitioner listening to your version of the ailments and reading the vital signs before diagnosing your illness. Your physician will only offer a prognosis and a course of action after a thorough analysis. Your road to recovery will be monitored by regular return visits where your doctor is likely to tweak medication based on how you have responded to the original prognosis. Read Next: Virtual Coaching: Understanding Different Personality Types

Listening to the Ailments and Measuring the Teams Vitals

Our team effectiveness coaching resembles the medical diagnosis process. We check the team temperature, locate any ailments, develop a prognosis and offer a comprehensive course of action. Furthermore, it is also COVID 19 safe.

Contact us For a Free Diagnosis

Get in touch to discuss the best way that we can help get your team healthy and ready to tack whatever comes their way. Now Read: Inspiring Leaders Build Successful & Motivated Teams