Leadership is Not a Title

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30th September 2020
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Leadership is Not a Title

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I used to play guitar around town at ‘jam’ sessions and one of the venues was at a pub in one of the ‘rougher’ areas of the city. The sign on the door said ‘No guns or knives.’

However, before my guitar-set, as opposed to sitting with the rest of the musicians, I interacted with the patrons; listened to their stories, conversing, hearing their every word, sharing their experiences, offering my ‘tuppence worth’ and just being there.

I was never the best musician in the line-up, but each time I did a set they would all come out of the pub next door into the hall to support me – not because of my talent, but because I had listened to, and identified with them. I gave of myself, now they were reciprocating. And this is one of the most important lessons I have learned over time.

So, it is with leadership. It is not a position of employment; it is a CALLING – a commitment to the human race.

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”Leadership is Not a Title, It’s a Behaviour”- Robin Sharma

Brand Pretorius of the McCarthy Group, summarised leadership this way:

“I have learned that leadership is a responsibility, it isn’t a right. I have to earn the support, loyalty, and respect of the people. I can never demand it. And I have to earn it on an ongoing basis. Leadership is not about ego and authority; it’s about results and achievement. Leadership thrives on results, and not on salutes. It is not about how many people we control; it’s about how many people we liberate, so they can achieve their own potential. Leadership is not about instructing, but about coaching and encouraging. It is not about taking, but about giving, serving, showing real interest and caring.”

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