Kick Those Shackles

Scott’s Teambuilding reveals 4 lessons that we learned from Bob Dylan about change
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30th October 2019
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21st January 2020

Kick Those Shackles

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Someone along the way said, “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a beautiful and well-preserved body, but rather an invitation to skid in sideways, thoroughly used, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming .. “Hey! What a trip that was!”

The difference between a rut and a grave is only the depth.

So many of us short-circuit our living by choosing the path which is most comfortable. Our world is abundant with opportunity, yet far too many people approach life with a scarcity mentality … a teaspoon as opposed to a front-end loader. They expect little and as a result, get little, and then settle for less.

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Many spend their time dreaming of “what could be” or as a defense mechanism, criticising other successes in the daily gossip menagerie – but the real problem, fear, paralyses the potential of the faint-hearted. And I don’t use the term “faint-hearted” in a derogatory manner – I have seen those, especially during my military career, given the right motivation and circumstances, rise above Alexander the Great – it is just a case of the leader providing the catalyst to identify and unlock the infinite potential of others and follow up with encouragement and guidance to see them through.

We all watch our kids take the first tentative step – let’s do it ourselves. The more you do each day no matter how small, the more you grow, and the more you feel capable of doing the “impossible”. Intense satisfaction follows and moreover, you’ll find the path lined with opportunities and the view breathtaking.

Embark on the adventure of self-discovery…

…and choose to summit that mountain of a challenge. Please contact us to find out more about us or to book a teambuilding course today!

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