Unlocking People’s Potential

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Unlocking People’s Potential

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Self-efficiency is the belief we have in our own abilities to meet challenges and successfully complete a task. At Scott’s Teambuilding, we believe that great leaders are those with the ability of unlocking their follower’s potential.

They develop the attitude of “I am able because I think I can” in all of their staff.

How Does One Go About Creating a Culture of Self-Efficiency?

1. Self-Mastery

The strongest and foremost source of self- effectiveness is by allowing people to successfully complete a task. Once a staff member has experienced the taste of achievement, they will be hungry for more.

Set reasonable and achievable goals and start stretching the person by systematically increasing the complexity. Your staff members will grow in confidence each time they “tick off” a goal where their skills and efforts were stretched.

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2. Explicit Experiences

Belief in oneself is often improved by watching colleagues successfully complete a difficult task. Develop a cross coaching culture by allowing peer members to model their skills and providing feedback to each other. Each staff member holds a unique set of natural skills that they could showcase to their peers. As a leader allow this coaching to happen, stand back and watch your team grow in confidence.

3.Verbal Persuasion

Encouragement and praise from others, especially from people in more senior positions is key to developing strong feelings of self-efficiency. Personal affirmations coupled with external praise will further accelerate the rate of self-value.

Develop the habit of providing instant positive feedback and motivation when you witness staff members achieving a stretch goal. Encourage and support peer reflection and self-assertion.

Only by Growing the People Around You Can You Become a Great Leader!

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