Put Change Above Habit

Man being lifted into air at a teambuilding challenge
Thank You for the Stretch
1st February 2021
Group doing a teambuilding challenge on go carts
Stretching into The Energy Zone
25th February 2021

Put Change Above Habit

Team meeting

One reason why organisations fail, is that managers will not challenge old, comfortable routines, and now, even more than ever. Scott’s Teambuilding know how important that change is for teambuilding, leadership and keeping your team on-the-ball.

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Why Change Needs to Come Above Habit

General Colin Powell stated that too often, change is stifled by people who cling to familiar territory and job descriptions. However, good leaders understand that in the current situation, every one of our jobs could become obsolete. Effective leaders create a climate where people’s worth is determined by their willingness to learn new skills and grab new responsibilities; thus, perpetually re-inventing their jobs. These days changes come fast, and don’t assume that something which has never been done before, cannot be done at all. Accept that there is a better way of doing everything -and persist in finding that way, before someone else does!

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