Stretching into The Energy Zone

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2nd February 2021
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6th April 2021

Stretching into The Energy Zone

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In our previous article we introduced the concepts of people and organizations operating in 3 zones, namely the COMFORT, FEAR and ENERGY zone. We highlighted the danger of operating within the COMFORT and FEAR zones. We asked the question; how do we use the current pandemic to take full advantage of the ENERGY ZONE?

Operating within the ENERGY zone is good for personal mental, physical and emotional health. An organisation that STRETCHES returns positive production, great customer service and is generally more profitable. People are ENERGISED.

Learn More About the Energy Zone

In these turbulent times, leaders could take advantage of the pandemic by keeping people in the ENERGY zone using the below tips. Visit our blog for more tips on leadership.

1. Learning from Our Pandemic Experience

Insisting that each employee takes learning from the changes that have been forced upon the organisation. Make it compulsory that each member implement at least two improvements to their jobs. Write this into their job descriptions.

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2. Teams Are More Effective Than Individuals

Work as a team. Every individual change will have a ripple effect on the next process or job. Set aside time for team creativity sessions. Allow the team to share ideas and robustly debate how it will impact the value chain. This step automatically focuses the team on a common objective.

3. Allow Employees to Hear the Jingle in Their Pockets

Create discomfort with “business as usual” by running reward challenges that require new ways of thinking. Encourage these innovations by implementing rewards for cost saving or revenue generating ideas. Let the staff hear the jingle in their pockets!

4. Publicly Recognise Innovation

Go out of your way to publicly recognise those employees that implement new ideas. NEVER belittle a suggestion that seems impractical. Today’s dumb idea may be tomorrow’s money spinner!

5. Become A Hoarder of Ideas

Become a hoarder of suggestions! Keep a visual board for ALL to see. Refer to the ideas continually and apply your leadership mind to the possibilities they may present.

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It is time for leadership to step up to the plate, to walk the talk, forget NORMAL and to start thinking INNOVATION! Book one of our popular leadership courses now. To enquire or make a booking, contact us today.

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