Your First Priority As A New Leader…; Adopt The Correct Technique!

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28th April 2020
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30th June 2020

Your First Priority As A New Leader…; Adopt The Correct Technique!

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Let’s give Corona a break and swing back to people skills;

Approach is Everything

In the endeavour to bring people up to their full potential you are going to find that different individuals, groups or circumstances require separate styles of leadership.

There are staff who are unqualified because they don’t know how to do the job or lack training. Then there are those who might have the necessary expertise but are reluctant to follow because they are not motivated sufficiently or rebellious for one reason or another.

This is where your approach is important – taking into account the attitude or ability of team members to complete the assignment.

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Leaders adjust their technique according to the capacity of each member to perform in line with the complexity and appeal of the job. They then select what is suitable to the situation, (from directing to delegating) depending upon the maturity level of the team.

For example, where development is low leaders should be task motivated and direct, rather like a schoolteacher – a commanding manner; as maturity increases, they should be more relationship motivated and supportive, giving additional rein to employees.

The situation also dictates – if there’s a fire in the factory you don’t call the workers in over a bottle of Schnapps to discuss the crisis – you take charge, irrespective of their motivation or technical experience, and act!

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Further, each team will consist of individuals with varying personality types all requiring a slightly different touch. The workgroup will also take the collective shape of the subtle interplay between each of the individual characters. The task of the leader is to understand the art of managing the work dynamic as members exit and new members enter the team – you’re going to have to gently feel your way.

Closing Thoughts

The over-riding consideration is to never forget your task is to achieve the objective and not let your ego get in the way when dealing with difficult staff members. Development of your team is the first priority. Relationship building, raising self-confidence, fostering empathy between members, honest communication and encouragement should all be factors dictating which particular approach you use in leading.

Also, be yourself. I’ve seen too many people promoted to positions of authority who think they now must act as the commander of a space shuttle in a Star Wars movie. It was your initial character that got you there in the first place – so keep it!

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