Action Overcomes Fear

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29th July 2019
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30th September 2019

Action Overcomes Fear

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Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You gain power, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot.”

How often do you find your employees (or yourself) avoiding difficult situations in life?

Avoidance is a classic strategy for denying fear and effectively halts advancement in life. Ever heard the phrase, ‘it’s not my job’? This anxiety lurks; stopping individuals from taking on any extra responsibility or proposing new ideas. The world is narrowed into their security zone and effectively limits potential. Echoing Roosevelt, Kathy O’Dowd who conquered Everest stated,

“You will never know what you cannot do, unless you attempt what you think you cannot do.”

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One way to rid employees of fear is to set tasks slightly above their ‘perceived’ aptitude. Let it be known that you trust them to have a positive outcome; encourage them, walk with them and let them do it! They might not do the job as you would; do not interfere! Let them discover themselves. If mistakes are made, they learn and at best they might even evolve a way of  improving the existing procedure as they complete the assignment. And that’s an opportunity to don’t want to miss! Share in the satisfaction of their success and growth. Give them that all important recognition.

The upside is that you will have employees who appreciate your support, motivation & reassurance.

They feel good about themselves and you, become an integral part of the process and start taking ownership – and the more proficient your employees, the easier for you to focus and go forward to the final achievement.

“Progress always involves risks. You cannot run for second base and keep your foot on the first.” – Frederick Wilcox

Overcome Your Fears & Take Action TODAY!

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