5 Tips on Leading a Remote Team

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27th October 2020
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15th December 2020

5 Tips on Leading a Remote Team

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Leading remote teams is like grappling a bar of soap during bath time.

Office teams, with individuals working from home has become the order of the day. However, certain team members find it challenging to convert their household into a feasible office. The normal day to day domestic routines often clash with the expected working outputs. These difficulties are compounded by leaders that are not experienced in managing remote teams.

5 Things a Leader Can Do to Get The Best From a Virtual Team

Here are 5 things that a leader can do to ensure that the remote team is working at it’s optimum.

1. Encourage A Working Pattern That Fits The Drum Beat Of The Household

Each household has their own unique crazy drumbeat. Not all team members will have the luxury of a quiet office. Most homes will be blessed with a healthy dollop of yelling children, rattling lawnmowers, and the melodious call of the African ‘Hadeda’ bird.

A proficient virtual manager will understand the unique challenges that each team member faces and will make reasonable allowances for these.

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2. Measure Outputs Rather Than Input

Great leaders have always measured tangible outcomes rather than the time a person has been at their workstation. Research has demonstrated that homeworkers are far more productive if they are given a target and then left to their own devices.

Set and measure outputs. Do not worry whether a team member was seen at the local shopping centre in the middle of the day. If they have completed their allocated work, they have earned their rest.

3. Encourage People To Work To The ‘Tick Tock’ Of Their Unique Body Clocks

We all have a unique rhythm that determines our physical, mental and behavioural energies. Certain staff members may be mentally alert at night, whilst others may perform their best work very early in the morning.

Astute leaders assist their team members in determining their circadian rhythms and encourage them to schedule their work hours accordingly.

4. Keep the Community Strong

Individual’s working from home need to be constantly re-assured that they are an integral part of a larger community, and that they play a vital role in a wider purpose. Humans need to feel they belong.

Keeping in touch regularly as a team, for both work and social interaction is vital to keeping your staff engaged. Use technology such as ZOOM but do not forget the occasional face-to-face social interaction. Teams that meet in person regularly have proven to have higher levels of mental health.

5. Celebrate Successes

Being away from the engine room of the working place often strips individuals of celebrating successes. People need positive stories and thirst for encouraging news. It is your role as leader to feed the positive narrative and vital that you create a motivating culture. Do this by publicly announcing and celebrating both personal and business achievements.

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